Mobile Apps

Ikonsoft develops user friendly and highly interactive custom mobile applications that can easily turn their users into addicts. We specialize in iOS and Android solutions for commercial or personal use.

To make sure your expectations are at least met, if not exceeded, Ikonsoft lets you choose from the following services:
  • Support for the most popular mobile platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Project definition – consulting, need analysis, and prototyping
  • AppStore Submission – handling submission to the app store and consultancy services on the approval process.
  • Ongoing updgrading – making all the necessary adjustments to keep your app up-to-date with new devices and operating systems 

The mobile solutions developed by Ikonsoft for the iOS and Android platforms include, among others, an application that provides brokers and vendors with mobile access to TimePayment direct, a multi-level scoring model, an artist presentation applications (access to news about, photos, and videos of an artist), a baseball betting application, and a solution used to control food safety hazards.