Custom Medical Software that Makes a Difference

Custom medical software applications tend to be highly complex and to rely on large amounts of data, attributes that make them difficult to develop and maintain by software companies with little to no business expertise in the healthcare industry. This is not the case with Ikonsoft, which has been gaining deep insight into the business side of advanced medical systems from the United States and Western Europe while developing Interactive Web Response Systems (IWRS), Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS), and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in offshore and nearshore outsourcing projects run mainly at the development center from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Interactive Web Response Service (IWRS)

IWRS is powered by an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), which helps customers manage patient screening and enrollment in clinical trials, randomization, and drug supply management. The Web-integrated service we have developed offers strong reporting capabilities and many other features. 

This IVR/IWR solution enables seamless management of:
  • Patient enrollment and randomization
  • Drug supply management
  • Lab samples
  • Patient diaries
  • Temperature excursion
  • Drug returns and reconciliation

Customer Country: US
Application Type: Web
Technologies: MS SQL Server, Microsoft ASP.NET, C#
Main activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development, Ticket Support
Keywords: Interactive Voice Response System, drug supply management, clinical trial management, randomization, patient screening

LIMS LWP Nautilus

LIMS Lab Web Portal enables web based interface between customer  laboratory running Nautilus LIMS and its remote sample submitters. Lab Web Portal allows submitting test requests, tracking sample progress throughout the laboratory life cycle, getting web access to the published final reports, utilizing personalized dashboards, and receiving electronic notifications.

Customer Country: US

Application Type: Web
Technologies: Oracle 11g, Microsoft ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB, Silverlight, Devexpress, Telerik, Windows Services, WPF, jQuery, JSON, LDAP, WCF
Main activities: Analysis, Architecture & Design, Custom Software Development
Keywords:  LIMS, Clinical LIMS, Nautilus