Custom Software for GPS Tracking Solutions

Are you looking for a highly qualified provider that can help you develop a custom GPS Tracking software perfectly tailored to your business needs? Years of experience accumulated with the SkyRouter project and the long term partnership with AROBS for the continuous improvement of their vehicle fleet monitoring system transformed the Ikonsoft team into one of your best choices for projects built around GPS tracking and location based technologies.



SkyRouter is a one of a kind cloud-based Web portal designed to support the remote monitoring of globally¬†dispersed mobile assets. Seamlessly integrated with Blue Sky Network’s best of breed hardware, SkyRouter shares GPS position reports, special events, two-way messages and telemetric data. With SkyRouter, users can enjoy greater usability, functionality, and control over the data transmitted by every plane, ship, and vehicle under their watch.

Main focus
  • centralized fleet command center: management and instant communication with all land, aviation, and marine assets from a single platform
  • fleet safety and security: alerts, two-way messaging, email, and geo-fence capabilities enable instant
  • communication in emergency situations. Server and device side configurable geofence alerts
  • ease-of-use: multiple map views, point and click interface, and web API make it easy for fleet managers to keep track of their assets.
  • open system: automatically exchange data with other system based on settings
Communication technologies
  • device to infrastructure: GPRS, Iridium or Dual Mode (GSM + Iridium). Intelligent devices automatically switch from one channel to another based on availability
  • infrastructure to device: GPRS or Iridium based on latest channel selected by the device
  • infrastructure to infrastructure: Direct IP, FTP, SOAP, WCF, email notifications and alerts
  • export to FlightExplorer, Google Earth (.kml)
Technologies involved
  • .NET ASP.NET 3.5, Telerik UI controls
  • Proprietary messaging protocol supporting a wide range of message types providing flexibility and efficient data packaging
  • Silverlight 3 / 4
  • WCF services, SOAP webservices
  • Windows services (device communication)
  • SQL Server 2005/2008 (no spatial data implemented yet)
  • Proprietary ORM data access layer – codename CodeIdeas
  • Continuous Integration

Highly flexible team structure ranging from 3 to 6 members during the 3 years + 3 or more QA resources based on SD, California:

  • Project Manager: from start to end – 13+ years of experience in IT development
  • Flex developer: 6 months
  • 3-4 highly skilled Silverlight / ASP.NET / WCF developers: from start to end

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