Improve your bottom line with high end custom enterprise software!

Faithful to an end-to-end software development approach, Ikonsoft can assist you in all the stages of the enterprise application development, from business analysis to software requirement definition and laying out of the software architecture (proof of concept prototyping is included when necessary). Once a product is completed and tested, we deploy it, develop updates, provide support, and knowledge transfer services until we are certain it is a success. 

Of the projects that illustrate our capabilities as providers of custom enterprise software solutions we mention a complete ERP software system design and implementation of system that supports over 5.000 different forms and reports, a CRM system, an equity management for the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) marketplace, which includes administration, valuation and accounting, reporting and compliance modules, and a system that manages the sales activities inside bars and restaurants. 

As developing a software application from ground zero is not always possible, we often customize existing enterprise software products to meet your needs and reduce time to delivery. 

Agile SCRUM ii our preferred software development methodology, since the iterative approach helps avoid the major issues specific to Waterfall methodologies which led to countless project failures. 

Our custom enterprise software development services belong to one of the following types:

  • Proof of Concept Projects
  • Pilot Projects
  • Outsourced Projects

The custom enterprise software services we provide include:

  • Application integrations
  • Rich internet applications
  • Data Management/Synchronization
  • Custom business Websites
  • Global Apps

    Complete ERP software system design and implementation of the underlying framework. The system contains over 5.000…

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  • OEase

    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) equity management to the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) marketplace
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  • BTR

    The system manages the sale activity inside bars, restaurants, etc. Allows the management of products stock, tables, waiters. …

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