Prime Software Solutions for Big Data Management

Fully aware that the world we live in will flood businesses with ever increasing volumes of data due to the population boom and accelerated adoption of the Internet, Ikonsoft has been paying a great interest to big data processing lately. We aim at developing effective custom software for capturing, managing, and analyzing this flood of information. The A2A project presented below is a clear illustration of our expertise in developing software solutions for big data management.

Archive 2-Anywhere – A2A

Archive 2-Anywhere is a software extraction and migration application that enables rapid and secure movement of legacy email records between different archive services. It securely transports your legacy archive data into a new target environment, ensuring it remains seamlessly accessible – both for end-users and for compliance and eDiscovery purposes
A2A software is a dedicated archiving software that addresses critical business functions for existing customers of Mimosa Nearpoint archiving system and Zantaz Enterprise Archive Solution. A2A system is a SaaS software product responsible for message extraction that the customer can run fully on their own. Also maintenance for the software and support for the use of the software is offered. The system extracts the data from a proprietary format and is able to produce .msg files but the most important feature is that the messages can be inserted into an existing .pst file (Microsoft Outlook format) or even into an Microsoft Exchange system.

Customer Country: US – Archive360 
Application Type: Winforms / Windows Service
Main activities: Design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of the system. Integration with Exchange, Continuous Integration
Main requirements: Working with terabytes of data needs full optimization to get the result in less time. All processes involved monitor each other and can stop/resume at any time. Human intervention – minimal. Autodetection of exceptions/errors and the ability to retry failed items. High availability – critical
Keywords: Archiving, Email, Exchange, Nearpoint, EAS, Outlook, PST, MSG; EML